Expert body submissions to Planning Act inquiry

Two significant expert bodies have looked at the Bills put forward by the LNP and by Labor for consideration by the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and made submissions. Links to these are included at the end of this post.
One is by the Crime and Corruption Commission and points out the probable failure of both Bills to bring about good governance in Queensland.  Briefly, it criticises the Bills for making it easier for the regulating bodies to administer planning applications, but expresses the opinion that  the discretion allowed under the Bills could promote corruption.  The CCC then puts forward recommendations as to how the Bills could be improved and thus decrease the potential for corruption.
The second is by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand and recommends that the focus of the Bills be changed from one of regulating  development to “one of implementing the land use and development outcomes sought by an informed community.”  This  emphasis on considering the legitimate and informed wishes of the community certainly resonates with Brisbane Residents United and its view that the most serious shortcomings of the proposed legislation are the failure to consult the community.
It requires only a little bit of work to look at these submissions, consider them, and do your bit to help.
Those of us who have been appalled by the inappropriate outcome of the present Planning Act and by the failure of the proposed Bills to correct this will recognise that the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources is composed of politicians and that politicians will take notice of the voters’ opinions.  If you want to do something, contact your local politicians and/or the Parliamentary Committee and recommend that they insist that the Bills be changed in the ways that the submissions recommend.
If you also wish to write to the chairperson, Mr Jim Pearse, you can email  him at   A short email could be along the lines of
Dear Mr Pearse, I am aware of the Submission of the Crime and Corruption Commission and of the Submission of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, and support the concerns and proposals they propose.  They are submissions numbers 72 and 73 respectively.   I support them because they address the concerns of those of us who are unhappy that the proposed Bills do  not support the community consultation that is necessary for optimum development in Queensland.

The direct links to the submissions we mention are
and you can peruse all the information on the inquiry at the Inquiry Overview page.
Thank you for your interest, and please consider letting your voice be heard.
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